"Misunderstandings explored comically and naughtily"
by Sascha Cooper for remotegoat on 06/11/18

Comedy sketches can be an interesting way of exploring subjects that are constantly available to us in every day life, but in a fresh and sometimes insightful way. Joshua Plummer wrote sketches that explored the idea of misunderstandings in various settings, from finding someone gagged and bound to a chair, to mistaking someone for a lover and much more. The writing was brought to life by not only a very strong set of actors, but was ably directed by Jack Kristiansen.

A special word of support has to be given to this particular bunch. Before the show started, Jack made us aware that a lineup change took place at the last minute due to a cast member being taken into hospital suddenly this evening, plus a dropout two days before. We at remotegoat wish Freyja Chandler a speedy recovery. Although the sketches themselves needed further tweaking to make things smoother, the way everyone pulled together to save the show was incredible and this has to be noted at the time I'm writing this review. Well done everyone!

Despite this setback, the cast was one of the strongest seen in a long time. Joshua Plummer took part in a lot of the sketches himself and it was clear from the word go that he was made for comedy performance. He carried himself well and never took himself too seriously. Plus he made a rather convincing posh woman in one sketch!

Warren Saunders played roles that sometimes made the audience squirm - quite literally in one instance. But his comedy timing is impeccable and we felt you could resonate with a few of the characters he played in the sense of frustration, trying to impress and being put on the spot with certain scenarios explored.

Kim Wright was extremely classy in her portrayal of roles that varied from innocence, to strong women who knew what they wanted. She made sure that the pace was kept energised and direct, but a special mention has to go to her as she found the other female replacement the same day I went to review it. Plus she knows how to handle puppets well...one to watch!

Nathan Ariss was a last minute replacement too, but he carried his roles well. The way he kept us guessing a lot of the time about his intentions in each sketch was extremely refreshing to see, because sometimes comedy gold comes from unpredictability. He made sure that each role was different too, as did the rest of the cast.

Mike Keegan was one of the most versatile of the men. What was interesting about him was the fact that his roles were fun to watch, from being a sardonic Dom in the beginning sketch, to a bumbling fool on the telephone, to an innocent bystander. Just watching him have fun with each character on stage was refreshing to see and would also say he is one to watch in future shows.

Generally, whilst this show needs a little more work, we have to be mindful a lot was against them and as aforementioned, the teamwork in the light of everything was spectacular. Also, Joshua Plummer has a lot going for him as a writer, as well as a performer.

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