"Hurry-back lady, London needs you"
by Aline Waites for remotegoat on 10/10/18

Welcome to the Big Top is the name of her show and one has never felt more welcome at the Crazy Coqs.

One is always a little wary going to see someone one has never seen before.

Often someone who has been in all the popular shows here and on Broadway, never make themselves a household name. Anne Steele however, has made her name performing at piano bars in New York where she is treasured. But she is a stranger the Brits and the Coqs.

NOT AFTER Monday night when she finally arrived on the scene. So excited to be in London

She has a strong voice, a powerful playful personality and totally deserving of the two spontaneous standing ovations she received at the end of her set.

The Big Top title is carried out when she makes her entrance in a ring master’s red and gold outfit complete with top hat and whip. The hat is taken off and thrown away quite soon, and, saying the room is too small to make proper use of the whip, she chucks that away too. To complete the metamorphosis, she then takes off the scarlet jacket with golden epaulettes which is far too hot and she ends up in a black jeans and tee shirt. No sequins, no jewellery, we are left to concentrate on her lovely smiling face.

For her London debut she has two English musicians plus two female session singers. Together the three ladies do some beautiful close harmony acapella numbers They all sing well with her even though “we only met yesterday” They already seem like members of her family as well as being her backing group. Her musical director and piano player has come with her from America.

The songs are mostly unfamiliar, eclectic but mostly above love in all its different forms. ‘I am a Lesbian’ she says happily ’And there is my wife in the audience’

She sings about wanting to be a lion tamer, (then I'd be special) and a song about there being a fine line between love and a waste of time –inspired by her affair with a gay man.

She sings a song that she alarmed her parents with when she was eight years old “It hurts so Good”

Her songs and stories are true to life in show business, her lovers, her auditions, the insults she has born from critics, from colleagues and from men in the street. Her main asset beside her beautiful voice is her blatant honesty and her fun loving personality.

She makes it an evening to remember. One of the best parties ever.

She finishes with “This is me Baby”

And we love what she is.

Hurry back lady. London needs you.

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