"triple threat to die for"
by Aline Waites for remotegoat on 01/10/18

Yes, this is a stage version on the popular film starring cliff Richard in 1963

He and his four friends, tired of working in a bus depot feel the need of a glamorous holiday, preferably on the continent.

Don, who is the brightest of the bunch, manages to get the loan of a London bus to take them wherever they need to go. This is the part that was played by Cliff Richard and the stage version is Ray Quin who is a more than worthy successor to Cliff.

On the way, they pick up a girl band – three girls who are trying to get to Athens to film an engagement. They also pick up a young boy called Bobbie who turns out to be Barbara Winters a star pop singer. She is chased by her ambitious mother and her agent. So the gang have to keep on their toes to escape them. They of course do not know that Bobbie is Barbara –not until the end of act one, (but the audience are aware cos we’ve seen here as Barbara in earlier scenes so I m not giving anything away).

Of course there is a happy ending. But it is not the plot that we are here for.

We are here for the feel good feeling, the wonderful songs, and the equally wonderful singers beautifully arranged by musical director Rob Wicks. We come for the scenery and the on stage London bus, a great set design by Steve Powell. Just been seen was Tom Deiling’s stunning lighting for Six and he is carrying on his sterling work with this one.

But over all this is a dance show – In the movie Teddy Green as Steve was the only principal who was a professional dancer and did a great deal of energetic Terpsichore,. but there was also an ensemble to do most of the work. Here we are in England, on tour and we only have people who can do everything – and so they certainly can.

They have the advantage of one of the best musical theatre choreographers in the business. Racky Plews knows theatre backwards, forwards and upside down and does some amazing work on this show choreographically but she also directs.

It is Racky’s show, there is no doubt about that. This is tremendous with a strong cast, some powerful dancing and of course Ray Quinn who is a triple threat to die for.

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