"Another theatrical comedy from Mischief"
by Debra Hall for remotegoat on 30/08/18

The latest theatrical comedy from Mischief Theatre and what a great job this is! The distinct writing style of Lewis, Sayer and Shields is all over it. Once again, the writing is structured so that close and clever associations between character, dialogue; set and props is where the humour is interwoven and is then drip-fed released to have you forever smiling throughout.

Set in mid-century America and it is a badly planned, badly executed, bank heist story for comic effect. Where an escapee, a chancer and petty thieves meet cop(s), bankers and banking staff. Based on an end game idea that unravels riotously and confusingly before one’s eyes. All theatrical devices are deployed through clever word-play, dressing-up gags, slapstick tricks and incredible comic pacing and timing.

The talented cast play unpredictable characters who ‘ride on the seat of their pants’ (often wearing only their pants) in the signature hap hazard fashion of a Mischief production. The Mischief casting is always a triumph. Most cast members have a myriad of stage performances under their belts. David Coomber (Off Broadway) and Jon Trenchard (Shakespeare’s Globe) is an example of the high calibre. Trenchard and other members have performed at London’s West End and been part of national/regional touring theatre. Credits to pin on many include BBC TV work, and radio work too (Damian Lynch). Freshly graduated are the extremely talented George Hannigan and Julia Frith.

This is a first date in a planned tour of the show, and so the details around the incredible set design are withheld in this review due to spoiler reasons, but know that designer, David Farley makes the wackiest of concept a reality and Neil Parkes and his scenic makers achieve great things.

Highly recommended!

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