"Stars, sequins and love hearts"
by Lita Doolan for remotegoat on 11/08/18

Larger than life, the beauty of the performers explodes onto the stage in a style that cannot be ignored. If you come to watch this show, its powerful blast of good feeling and jabs of optimism is inescapable. The glamour and sparkle on display is jaw dropping with huge gestures that bring the audience straight into the world of the show. Everyone feels welcomed and included in the razzle dazzle that fills the theatre.

Statuesque dancers commit to classic dance moves that are will be well known to movie buffs and West End fans. However Emma Dean's interpretation of the famous show routines is new. Anyone who is a fan of show music, fashion or pure love will find this big hearted performance unmissable. The singing is pitch perfect and encompasses a massive range. The costumes are ambitious and unique to each performer. The outfits are works of art in themselves. The confidence of the cast and how they express their individuality throughout the show is exhilarating.

"A Unicorns Quest for Love' is pure fun with the added twist of stories told from the heart.

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