"The Wolf Steals The Show"
by Margaret Morley for remotegoat on 03/06/18

I get to choose all the shows that I review, so the shows get a good chance of getting a good review as I have already seen something that I like. I remember the story of Little Red Riding Hood from when I was a child and I have been to the Puppet Theatre Barge before and found it enchanting.

The show starts off well, with the Wolf first on stage. It was great not to have to wait until near the end of show for him/her to make an appearance.

I would recommend buying the programme which is informative and picturesque and to the point with no advertising. It mentions the versions by Charles Perraut first published in 1697 and the nineteenth century version by the Brothers Grimm.

The modern day version at the Puppet Barge Theatre filled out the details which I was not familiar with. Although there were some areas of script which concerned me such as the owl being called an “idiot” the grandmother “clothe ears” and Little Red Riding Hood pulling out her teeth when they are not falling out naturally. Being a show primarily for children one needs to be careful that they do not copy anything unsuitable. However it was not mimed as some puppet show are and the script was interesting.

The voice of the Wolf was by Philip Voss which I thought sounded very, very wolf like. The costume of the upright wolf was well designed and suitable. I only thought that if the wolf was able to open its mouth/jaw when he or she howled it would have been even better.

Conversely, the voice of the grandmother did not sound to be from a very old person and the tooth fairy did not sound anything like I expected a tooth fairy to sound like, it could have sounded lighter.

However, it was a very enjoyable show that children and indeed adults may delight in seeing.

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