"exhilarating, value for money entertainment"
by Arthur Duncan for remotegoat on 15/05/18

Multi-talented composer-performer of poetic stories and songs, Nick Harper displays awesome skill and energy, throughout an evening of amazing narrative-rhyme plus vocal agility and fancy guitat-picking. His warm personality engages and enthrals audiences in this 2018 Summer Tour show entitled ‘A Wiltshire Tale,’ an amazing poetical story, epic in creation, virtuosic in performance. For the latter half of his show, Nick has coupled almost incongruously, a varied stint of his unique music, accompanying with acoustic guitar, songs of which some vocals reveal his stratospheric range of octaves, enhanced by cleverly-infused electronic effects.

For two hours at Bridgwater Arts Centre, Nick Harper, without his band The Wilderness Kids, held the wrapped attention of his audience, newbies and long-standing fans and admirers accumulated over three ever-youthful decades, from airings on radio, several albums, plus appearances at high-octane venues. Yet Nick is a family-oriented guy whose easy-going style embraces his audience of both long-time friends and newcomers, perhaps slightly bewildered they hadn’t discovered him sooner.

This is a true artist who provides exhilarating, value-for-money entertainment; a real showman deserving to be known far more widely. Yet the roots of his success are deep in the soil and rural life of his home county, but not confined to Wiltshire. Firmly grounded, Harper’s words and music reach out to many branches of human experience, appealing by his variety, to listeners of mixed ages and genders. He has a long way to go as his fame breezes across the land. Tour continues through to September. Catch him where you can.

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