"Slick re-working of musical hit"
by David Rumelle for remotegoat on 15/05/18

Having reviewed this production a year ago- it is a pleasure to see it slightly re-worked, slicker and with a fresh approach to the characterisation.

With an almost new cast who do even more justice to this unique piece, (Part pub quiz, and part musical) -there is something here for all tastes and Jenny Alborough's direction is focused and ensures the action never sags.
With the role of Quiz master Bruce Foresight now being played by the excellent Eden Alexander as a “drag king role” -the evening fairly zips along at a cracking pace.

Dan Glock as pub contestant Simon makes a superb professional debut- with a fine vocal range, superb dance ability and a beautifully defined three dimensional character.

Making a return to the role of Claire-Emma Read is as confident and as vocally strong as she was in last year’s production. Both Glock and Read bring their roles “alive” –and achieve a poignancy in their onstage relationship that the previous production may only have scratched the surface of.

The “Quiz” rounds of the show are explained far more succinctly this time-and the integration of the musical numbers into the Quiz- appears more spontaneous- making this a much more fluid evening.
The production is now blessed with fine choreography by Temisis Conway-which never over shadows the music or lyrics.

The onstage band (Adrian Reilly, Matt Casterson and Moses Brzeski)-Reilly blend effortlessly and apart from occasional issues of sound level- never over shadow the performers.

In short- if you caught this show last year-then you won’t be disappointed by this re-worked version. Each time “Quiz Night” is performed-there is something new to look out for –making it one of the highlights of this year’s Brighton fringe.

Catch the last few performances up until 30th May.

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