"Ethereal Sounds Caress the Ears"
by Alison Goldie for remotegoat on 07/05/18

On a hot May night, the crowds stayed away from the tiny black dungeon of The Sebright Arms, but a core of die-hard fans, and the band’s photographer, dealt with the sweat and swayed along to a set of poppy folk-with-modern nuances that slipped palatably into the ears.

Gypsyfingers are a core of two, Luke Oldfield (son of Mike of Tubular Bells enormo-fame) and his wife, Victoria, touring with a backing band. Between them they play conventional instruments of guitars, bass, keyboards and drums in a highly accomplished way. Victoria is the key focus – it was her outfit originally, and she is centre stage on acoustic guitar and keyboards, her classical music education quite discernible. The music is a melange of styles but there is nothing here to frighten your granny. Occasionally, the drum beats steps up and the heart thuds a little harder but largely, the music is gentle and dreamy, lyrics scarcely audible, though Victoria’s voice is a beautiful instrument, pure and flowing. Luke takes vocals once or twice and his voice is a more prosaic affair, but his guitar playing can be exhilarating – the work-out at the end of Half World harks back to great prog rock.

The Sebright’s modesty might be to blame for the acoustics but it would have been useful for a new band’s words to be heard. Victoria’s minimal introductions only helped occasionally. Stranger Things was ‘about going in the wrong direction then going back in the right direction’; The Waves, ‘about death’.

Gypsyfingers play the sort of music you’d be relieved to hear at a small stage at Glastonbury after a hard day watching mega-acts. ‘At last!’ you cry as your knees buckle beneath you onto an unoccupied cushion at the front, ‘Some peace!’ and someone hands you a smoke and you drift pleasantly away…

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