"many laughs and much razzmatazz"
by Debra Hall for remotegoat on 18/04/18

To any Monty Python liker and for those who know well the film on which Eric Idle bases this musical comedy, will know the humour is silly, rather splendidly silly, but silly nonetheless. There is an outlandishness twinned with the understated to the teams' age-old comedy. The Python formula has always been the same pretty much: ill-fitting wigs and much cross dressing; blank countenances and daft speeches; the play on words for comedic effect and the gay kind of gaiety elements just-for-laughs.

Spamalot is reconsideration of all that has been, and with the addition of a music score of fun songs it transports the Python ‘brand’ to suit a separate genre. Reviewer very much enjoyed the musicality and performances in Act 2: ‘Brave Sir Robin’ ‘His Name is Lancelot’ ‘I’m All Alone’ especially, and, of course, ‘Always Look On the Bright Side of Life’ will 'always' be well received.

The band is just great, very enjoyable is the jaunty, woodwind signatures in the opening number; the music direction is sharp. Sound wise, some of the dialogue was somehow lost in the early scenes, but the songs are just boom-boom fab, more notable renditions by Sarah Harlington (Lady of the Lake) and Bob Harms (King Arthur).

Due to script elements everything is a little slow at first, but it is a grower, and this is down to the cast members who are hugely competent in all their specialisms, and, along with some great stage props and wonderful costume design, this show is pure pantomime, pure entertainment.

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