"Frustrating Face In The Mirror"
by Saul Reichlin for remotegoat on 31/03/18

When an actress is as gorgeously watchable as Siobhan McMillan, it comes as a bit of a surprise that she thinks, or should I say, her alter ego thinks, she is losing her disarming beauty. The anomaly of this is what she teases her audience with, as she transcends the prosaic, and dazzles with an extraordinary love-hate, tragi-comic relationship with her own reflection in life’s harshest critic, the mirror.

With skillful use of the tiny venue, and with occasional effects such as the starlike, tiny bubbles floating as Miss McMillan’s firmament, the peformance is intimate and compelling.

The tantalising, funny and disarming manipulation of her audience of earlier productions is still apparent, but less consistently so. With new writing, there is now a more ‘worthy’ emphasis in the piece. The brilliant black comedy of dark and violent fairytale gives way to something more serious, as the evening develops.

The fourth star is for miss McMillan’s special writing skill, acting talent and naughty imagination. This reviewer would wish for the show’s return to its earlier uniqueness.

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