"Endearing hour-long show about rambling"
by Matthew Partridge for remotegoat on 08/03/18

“The O.S. Fan Club”, currently running at the Etcetera Theatre in Camden, is an hour-long show about one woman’s obsession with Ordinance Survey maps and the joys of the great British outdoors. A devoted rambler since her teenage years, comedian Helen Wood is eager to spread the word to the rest of us. Including a guide to her favourite country walk, a bit of history and some meetings with people who are just that little bit more obsessive than her, the show also includes plenty of interaction with the audience.

The show takes some time to get going, and at times it seems more like a straightforward lecture, than a comedic show. From the show of hands during the performance, it was also clear than many of the audience came also enjoy hiking. Still even during the least comic moments, Wood’s quirky and warm persona ends up carrying the day. Indeed, in an age where everything is digital and connected, there is something endearing daffy about a show that focuses on a well-loved brand of paper maps. It is also refreshing to see a comedian who doesn’t try to shoehorn in edgy humour or topical references, although the lack of a single joke about Theresa May “running through wheat fields” was something of a missed opportunity.

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