"Devilish Musical Cabaret Warms Hearts"
by Sascha Cooper for remotegoat on 03/11/17

When we think of the Devil, he is viewed as the ultimate evil presence that tempts and taunts the most vulnerable of souls. He tried to tempt Jesus and failed according to the Bible. However, in Annika Brown's world, he was portrayed as one of the most misunderstood characters in the world. His or her darkness came from a poetic injustice portrayed by the words of John Agard and Annika's dark souful songs and was accompanied on accordion by Tom Evans.

This show in itself was very thought provoking and gave a very different account of how the Devil can be seen. From the poetic highlights of Go on Pandora, Captain Lucifer Speaking and Lucifer to Icarus, to Annika's beautiful lyrics of The Devil has a Shovel, The Gypsies and her punk style interpretation of Regina Spector's Uh-Merica. With these different styles combined, Annika and co brought a very unusual journey to life.

With a little more confidence needed in some of her words and pronounciation to keep the energy of the show going, Annika Brown had hit on something special with The Devil's Storybook Experience. This I believe will be on tour by next year, so I would highly recommend you all watch out for this show. It is going to get hotter in more ways than one!

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