"Musical fun for the family"
by Annie Draper for remotegoat on 29/10/17

Sing mainly consists of cute animated animals singing well known pop songs and that’s pretty much it. It’s cute and fun and a great sing-along movie, but also not much more than that.

This is all cushioned into a storyline, of course. At the centre of the action we have Buster Moon, a koala bear who tried to build up a musical business but instead went bankrupt. To save face and the building he calls for a talent competition with big prize money, only there is no prize money as he is bankrupt and accidentally announced too much, though no one knows this yet.

The various competitors all tap into the world of your typical TV casting show. From unexpected pig housewife, to shy elephant girl next door, to rocking ape asked to give up her true self to fit into the pop world, and little mouse with the unexpectedly deep and full voice, there is a fun variety of characters here.

The storyline delivers little unexpected and is quite predictable but the fun characters and upbeat songs keep it entertaining nonetheless. Sing will likely not go down in movie history but certainly makes a fun, heart-warming and musical family film, which will leave lots of pop tunes buzzing in your head.

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