"Launch of the Dynamic Duo"
by Sascha Cooper for remotegoat on 28/10/17

During Halloween season, the 'ghoulies' come out to play...in the form of cabaret, drinking games and lot of tricks and treats! All led by Paul Diello and Em Bob on their first outing as a duo.

Having seen these two before, normally Em Bob is the one who is hiding behind the backing vocals. However, she became brave enough to step out from the shadows and let her sumptuous voice out to play. What was particularly enchanting however was her cheeky and sometimes saucy wit that complemented the act. She needed to up her confidence a little more as she really does have a light to shine and it needs to be seen and heard.

Paul as always did a brilliant job as host and singer. He really made sure all were welcomed warmly and wasn't afraid to show a more intimate side to him as the show went on. When he paired up with Em Bob, the chemistry between them was so natural and charming to watch that they could have been reading a shopping list and it would have been entertaining.

The only thing I would say as it is their first venture as a duo, that sometimes the structure needs a little tightening in terms of slickness. However I am going to put that down to getting used to just each other rather than being in a normal band set up and that they will settle into each other's rhythms in no time. Also, due to some very last minute replacements in terms of guests, it left a slight lull in energy when the duo were in full flow. So again as it is the first gig, will take this into account. However, without the guests, Em Bob and Paul made the perfect entertainment package and did not need the safety net of guests for future shows.

To sum up, these two really did put on a good show and are a strong act to watch. Do not miss them for future shows.

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