"A Winner- I'm not wrong!"
by David Rumelle for remotegoat on 13/10/17

From the outset-this extraordinary performance- exudes energy, emotion, heartache, truthful characterizations and perfectly captures up a bygone age when young footballing talent was discovered from the heart of the community and not the multi million pound conglomerates that it has now become.

Performances are never stereotypical and are sincere and rounded throughout-even the actors, playing multi roles.
BILL CRONSHAW gets the show off to a cracking start with his pre show warm up .He beautifully controls the audience and along with John Martin Stevens provides an excellent duo as the two talent scouts on the touchline.
JOHN Martin Stevens shows his versatility with a well balanced trio of characters including a camp shop assistant and talent scout.

The show is slick, the dialogue crisp and the plot moves at a cracking pace.

The two central characters of Emma and Tony are tenderly and movingly portrayed by Ellie Bradshaw and Edward Tarling –and they capture perfectly the journey of young love. Through to a turbulent relationship, towards the end of the evening. Tarling in-particular has his characterisation on a knife edge and skilfully and subtly portrays Tony as a sincere and loving individual-passionate about his game.

The staging is simple and beautifully cinematic-and scene changes are never intrusive or hold up the action.
In short-this piece is a finely balanced, truthful and ultimately raw in its emotion. A further incarnation of the piece will surely see it succeed on even more levels-and crying out for a television or film portrayal.

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