"Sharp production but flat ending"
by Matthew Partridge for remotegoat on 11/10/17

Fox, written by Harrison Rose and running at the Old Red Lion in Islington, is a two-hander about love and relationship breakdown. Bumbling Stefan (Rhys Whomsley) thinks that all his dreams have come true when he meets the forward and glamorous Rachel (Amanda Vilanova) at his brother’s wedding. Soon they are not only dating, but also living together in his flat. However, almost immediately the problems begin. These start with the foxes wailing outside, but end up mounting as Rachel’s drinking, insomnia and mental health issues (including hallucinations and possible bipolar disorder) start to drive them apart.

Whomsley and Vilanova’s acting is strong, and you can easily understand why Whomsley is attracted to her, but yet increasingly frustrated by her erratic behaviour. The minimalist set and the clever sounds mean that the multiple shifts of both location and time are seamless. The problem is that the plot doesn’t match the quality of the characterisation. Rose builds up the tension and drops some intriguing hints, only to let them peter out in an ending that is both predictable and tension-free. Even a plot twist involving sexual assault disappears without any major consequences for either character.

Fox is directed by Rupert Hands and is produced by Hannah Eugenie Tookey.

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