"Telling Tales of Powerful Beauty"
by Maureen Mckarkiel for remotegoat on 09/10/17

The Crick Crack Club has been at the forefront of storytelling for over 25 years, pushing boundaries and challenging preconceptions of an art form which is still generally misunderstood and underrated. From humble beginnings in a pub in Ladbroke Grove, the company has harnessed its passion for this brand of spoken word, pioneering storytelling across the UK and delivering events in a range of venues such as Soho theatre, The South Bank Centre and Barbican.
Their programme, Epic Sundays, at the British Museum retells popular myths such as the Iliad and Beowulf. The very talented Clare Murphy brings alive the landscape and people of Ireland, evoking the myths and culture of the country which is at times spellbinding.

It takes a rare talent to keep the attention of a sizeable audience for almost three hours, with no gimmicks, accompaniment or props, simply the power of the voice. Her stories tread the familiar path of jealousy, revenge and family discord. Where they transcend the ordinary to the beautiful is the language and words she uses to convey them. We get a vivid sense of the people and the landscape they inhabit; a symbiotic relationship, interdependent and connected at the core. One of the King’s three beautiful daughters is “as tall as an ash tree and the colour of winter”

The programme at the British Museum continues until December. Highly recommended

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