"music alone cannot save her!"
by Debra Hall for remotegoat on 27/09/17

Acting on the suggestion of her husband, the one-time violin supremo Stephanie (Belinda Lang) is attending therapy led by Dr Feldmann (Oliver Cotton).

Stephanie is up for giving it a good go, but she is not impressed by Dr Feldmann’s psycho therapeutic methods. Unbeknownst to Stephanie, as time passes, is the fact her therapist is actually helping her to understand the changes and the loss she is experiencing. It is not apparent until the plays’ end almost, that Feldmann has helped her to softly close doors and to accept the changes by him allowing her the opportunity to reflect, rave and rant in his company.

Clever script this is, because it is Dr Feldmann, with his innate ability to stay quiet and listen, that is the key to Stephanie gaining the ability to recognise how she should feel going forward in her new-found state of being.

This two-hander play obviously has tons of one-sided dialogue. Dialogue that is often defensive, challenging, and sarcastic in tone, so needs to be articulately orated, and Lang, with her powerful bursts of deep sounding vocals and her ability to group her phrasing to full effect, does just that. While Cotton, whose character says very little in comparison, has to time those unemotional reactions and appear indifferent to what Stephanie is saying on cue – and he does. Lang and Cotton are two stage professionals, who, under Robin Lefevre’s expert direction, piece together the story telling so perfectly.

All scenes take place in this one informal setting. The ceiling is high, wall to wall with books and CDs/LPs, there’s a hi-fi player with speakers playing orchestral music and violin solos out loud on occasion; seating; rug, desk, and a large picture window. Yet, it was Stephanie’s initial thought to ‘turn and run’ from the place (if she were physically able). We are glad she keeps returning! Play runs for 2 hours 10 minutes (including a 20 minute interval).

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