"Excellent pastiche of spy serials"
by Matthew Partridge for remotegoat on 10/09/17

“Agent of Influence: The Secret Life of Pamela More” is a one woman show written by Sarah Sigal and performed by Rebecca Dunn. Lady Pamela More is an aristocratic fashion (and gossip) columnist for The Times, who is drawn into the intrigue surrounding the abdication crisis. Persuaded by a fellow columnist to spy on Wallis Simpson, she discovers collusion between Simpson and Nazi Germany. However, her adventures don’t end there as she ends up been involved in an attempt to persuade the disgraced couple to retire gracefully to the Bahamas.

A pastiche of Buchan’s heroes, Dunn’s Lady Pamela is every inch the accidental spy who manages to rise to the situation. Despite not knowing much about politics, espionage or anything other than fashion, she manages to carry out her duties, and even manages a post-mission dalliance (the section recounting her seduction of her handler is a comic masterpiece). However, in between the hijinks there are subtle reminders of what is at stake, including reference to world events, and the lurking fear that British democracy was on the brink of collapse.

Sigal throws herself into the part with gusto, effectively deploying a variety of accents to play the supporting characters. However, her performance is also varied enough to let us glimpse the pains and regrets that lay behind the (fictional) heroine’s jolly exterior.

This show is not just entertaining, but compelling, and judging from the laughs that filled the theatre, the audience clearly agreed. A must see show, and one just dying to be turned into a book or radio play.

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