"Undiscovered masterpiece given full value"
by David Rumelle for remotegoat on 13/07/17

The power of this masterful production will stay with one for many days-and one had only to look around the stunned audience at the One church venue to see what a ground breaking and all absorbing musical this is.
Mainly” through sung”- this outstanding cast has all the consummate skill of a west end cast.
From the closely knit harmonies of the opening chorus through to the thrilling climax- there isn't a weak link in this production!
Even the choreography is precise, detailed and never flags- akin to the energy of these 12 outstanding young people- a school basketball match is razor sharp in its execution.
It is a true ensemble- no one pulls focus- but everyone shines in their own way.
-From the staging of a funeral in the opening scenes to a party full of illicit substances and alcohol- to the heart pounding finale- Director Connor Baum has clearly left nothing to chance.His direction is clear, focused and technically precise.
- The cast handles changes of costume, location changes and mood swings with ease and fluidity.-even chairs are in sync- to the beat of this innovative score.
Let us not forget it is a musical-pretty much a rock opera- and the soaring melodies, harmonies and emotion drive the piece through to its highly charged climax. There are elements of "Jesus Christ Superstar", "Miss Saigon", "Stephen Ward" -to name a few . In short the music and lyrics of Damon Intrabartolo and Jon Hartmore are of the highest quality-enhanced by Joshua Winstone and Gary Lynn’s outstanding musical direction.
-Characterisations are rock rock solid, fully explored, never awkward and there is no weak link. Even scenes of sexual nature are tenderly and beautifully portrayed - given full gravitas by these young adults -who have every potential to be a future credit to the acting profession. The overall feeling is gut wrenching. - With all the power of grand opera.
-Each and everyone involved gives 100% !
Ethan Whitcome(Peter) and Jamie Landmann have spectacular vocal ranges-shown to the full in their duet- “Best Kept secrets” and Landmann’s Act 2 aria is reminiscent of “Gethsemane” from “ Jesus Christ Superstar”.Grace Leeder as Nadia soars in all her solos.
Act 2 gives us Elizabeth Walker’s moving aria-with all the vocal technique of Linzi Hateley and Michelle Titherley’s aria as Claire is reminiscent and worthy of Claire Moore’s in “Miss Saigon”. Ollie Wray as Matt and Megan Sayer as Sister Chantelle provide a strong backbone to the piece and they are ably supported by all of their fellow performers who are of the highest standard.

This production is also extremely well blessed with it‘s costume and lighting. - with an amazing girls dream sequence, Even the dénouement is dressed in beautiful period costumes and as the evening light fades –the ambiance of the venue just heightens the atmosphere of the evening. - Ironically- the show not only has a strong 'homage' to the rock musical "Rent"-but the power and emotion of "West Side Story"- and the ending is pure poetry.
-Occasionally offstage costume changes can be distracting and the venue can swallow up the diction and articulation-but this is in no way detrimental to the evening or a slur on a magnificent cast!
The best compliment I can give is that this is an undiscovered masterpiece and must surely go from strength to strength. I sincerely hope to see this multi talented company revive this piece very soon.
Catch the last few performances now!!

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