"David's explosive energy is infectious"
by David Rumelle for remotegoat on 01/06/17

Dave Benson Philips, CBBC legend, explodes onto the stage with enough energy to charge not only the venue but the entire block! His love of his work, career and the numerous characters he has worked with in his long and eventful career are clearly evident.

What is also evident (and a crying shame) is how Dave's work was cruely undermined by fake reports of his death and other misleading reports. But the strength of this amazing show is Dave's vitality and his undeterred fighting spirit.

So, with the simple use of slides, reminiscences and answering questions ad lib we are treated to a gem of an evening full of warmth, charm and infectious wit. In short - Dave's show is a tonic and incredibly uplifting and I for one left the venue on cloud nine - feeling priveleged to have shared this amazing guy's story.

Highlights include his working with fellow icons Derek Griffiths and Floella Benjamin (the only ethnic representation on children's tv in the 70's), a great friendship with Frank Bruno, chance meetings with David Beckham and Dave's hilarious exploits with a lifelike crocodile puppet in the reptile house at Chessington zoo.

And yes, there is a chance to sample the "Get your own back" gunge!

His rapport is so infectious, we even join in a classic kid's song without the slightest feeling of being self conscious.

The show is moving, hilarious, uplifting and plain daft all at once, crammed into an hour. We were very privileged to meet Dave's wonderful wife and son-taking to the stage with much deserved applause.

In short: Grab this show wherever you see it advertised, you won't be disappointed!

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