"performance is breath-taking and extraordinary"
by Aline Waites for remotegoat on 18/05/17

Richard The Third is one of the most popular plays in the Shakespeare Canon. This is not surprising, it has the most fascinating anti hero, melodramatic, evil and without doubt the most intriguing character in the whole of literature. It is a lesson in hypocrisy- about a person who will commit any evil in order to win the world

Here is a man with a deformed and broken body who puts on a charming face to deceive his family, his wife, the country – to persuade them that he loves them, while all the time planning their destruction.

Greg Hicks is one of our most versatile and charismatic actors and it is a joy to see him play such a role.

His performance is breath-taking and quite extraordinary He wears a chain around his hand which attaches to his foot in order to produce that spidery gait and it works a dream. He is forced to bend almost double as he scuttles around the stage. When he actually becomes king in Act two he lengthens the chain slightly so that he can almost stand up straight..

At the beginning, he sits at a small table drinking wine and, speaking directly to the audience, confides in us, telling us how to get rid of the people keeping him from the throne. These include his dearly beloved brother Clarence who he supposedly adores and yet sends two idiots to slaughter him. He marries Lady Anne after slaughtering her father and her husband. He wins her over by threatening to kill himself for love of her. When she accepts him he tells us ‘I will not keep her long’ He will cause her death when she is no longer of use to him.

And yet we, the audience, manage to empathise with him – are able to laugh at his obvious joy in his wickedness, because we are in his confidence. We are in a privileged position to join in with his evil machinations.

It is difficult to address the whole audience at once in this theatre as it is a three sided auditorium. But despite this, he can get through to us and make us love him.

This is a performance to be seen and remembered.

He is wicked completely ruthless and incredibly funny. This is where this play scores over so many. The amount of comedy to be garnered from the role of a villain.

Hail King Gregg. A well-established cast surrounds him and this is a satisfying version of the play.Beautifully directed by Mehmet Ergen.

This is a limited run- get there by any means possible as this is a limited run. It will resonate – it is a power struggle reminiscent of present day politics, in fact politics of so many generations. It will be true as long as evil and ambition survive

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