"Intense stage version of Alfie"
by Sascha Cooper for remotegoat on 17/05/17

The two well known Alfie films are established as iconic in their own right. Michael Caine and Jude Law brought their own flavour to the womanising individual who had his own agenda each time, so having seen these men in action, it was interesting to compare the stage version of this story.

All I can say is the calibre of acting was fantastic! The precise details of the staging to capture the vibrancy of the 60s also complimented the action. Steve Chusak took on the challenge of the title role well and made his audience asides so subtle, that the audience were brought in on his own terms. To do that is a good skill to have. Plus the chemistry he had on stage with all women worked well. The only things to critique were that Steve went too quiet on the odd occasion and sometimes the music despite being a reasonable level drowned out the beginning of some scenes. The fact that the space is like a box may be to do with this fact, and hats off to the tech team for dealing with these difficulties.

Special mentions need to go to Sascha Harman, Sharon Drain and Daniel Finlay for their well portrayed roles. Sascha's Gilda held our attention as she came to grips with being the backup of Alfie's women and becoming a mother. Sharon Drain thrilled the audience as her harsh doctor put Alfie through his paces and seduced us as the luscious Ruby. She brought the role of the older woman to life with vibrancy and entertainment. But Daniel Finlay not only eased us through the scene and interval transitions with ease, he also gave an honest performance as Mr Smith near the end.

This is definitely a play that will have you hooked from the start. Don't miss it.

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