"A different musical Shakespeare experience"
by Sascha Cooper for remotegoat on 11/05/17

The Shakespeare Heptet went out of their way to create an experience that enabled a modern audience to appreciate Shakespeare's Sonnets in a different way. Using original music with elements of country, tango and more, this event brought St Mary's Church to life.

Despite a shaky start and a lack of iambic pentameter rhythm , when the group came together gradually, it all slotted into place with ease. The way that the music complimented each sonnet enabled each individual voice in that group to weave a story into what was presented to us.

What made a good touch to the experience was the way they integrated well researched links between each piece. By using modern references, as well as excerpts from Shakespeare's world, there was something for everyone - from a complete newcomer to the bard, to a well seasoned fan of his work. Even those who know Shakespeare will learn something new from this show.

My advice to anyone going is to not go in expecting a traditional play, merely a celebration which was extremely well developed and portrayed. This was a highlight of the Fringe Festival not to be missed.

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