"A winning musical quiz formula"
by David Rumelle for remotegoat on 09/05/17

A perfect way of combining a musical with a pub quiz and a great night out into the bargain-this new show is refreshingly different from the outset.

Hosted by drag queen Bruce Foresight- an imposing and up front drag queen-the evening gets off to a flying start with a lively opening number ("Tonight's the Night"), backed by an onstage group of punters ,neatly intertwined with the real audience and all with amazing harmony.

Add to this a couple on a date to re-capture their past relationship-and we have the perfect set up for an interactive night of fun.

Quiz rounds include "guess the song introduction", general knowledge and an ingenious split photo competition-all linked with catchy tunes and witty lyrics artfully composed by Adrian Reilly.
And in case you miss any of the questions-there are frequent reminders of the questions, underscoring the onstage dialogue of the couple on their date.

Bruce Foresight is superbly played by Mark Wickens - stunning in a glittery two piece-and very reminiscent of the MC in "Cabaret". He skilfully holds the piece together, has excellent stage presence and a fine vocal quality.

He is ably matched by a fine performance from Emma Reid as Clare whose rendition of "The Holiday Romance" is one of the show's highlights, along with Joshua Varty as Simon- who shines in his own number "Song about this".

Special mention to the onstage chorus (Tom Clark,Temisis Conway and Gina May )who blend effortlessly and provide an excellent backing group throughout.

The show is still in it's early stages of production - but I have no doubt it will become a classic and unique show.

Catch it while you can on it's all too brief run.

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