"Full of 90s pop nostalgia!"
by Annie Draper for remotegoat on 17/04/17

Let me say this. If you do not like pop music, you probably should not go and see 2 Become 1 a the King’s Head Theatre. And if you do like pop music? Well, what are you awaiting for! The production is fun and takes you on a ride, several times I was tempted to sing along myself, as the cast break into a song every two minutes, but I probably could not have gotten the words out because I was also crying with laughter.

This is a production stacked full of nostalgia for 90s kids as we follow a group of girls in their journey trying to cope with boyfriends, each other and just the world in general. There is a lot of comedy in the piece and whilst at first I feared the characters would be mere stereotypes, they are actually well formed and believable people. That being said the story itself, is quite stereotypical rom-com content and much in the tone of ‘Sex in the City’ and the like.

I would have to be honest and say, that this production is really most enjoyable to 90s kids with a love of pop music. It is silly at times, but hugely entertaining all the way through and with being performed in a London fringe venue, it does not need to try and appeal to a wider crowd.

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