"Myths Retold: Solomon and Sheba"
by Paul Ackroyd for remotegoat on 13/03/17

In these days of instant entertainment and online videos and games it is encouraging that there are still those devoted to the ancient art of storytelling. A brilliant example of this is being played out in the Epic Sunday series at the British Museum in a collaboration between the Museum and the Crick Clack Club. Last Sunday's was an exposition of the stories of Solomon and Sheba. Wonderfully told by Sally Pomme Clayton she intertwined variations of the myth from Sumerian, Hebrew, Christian and Islamic traditions.

Standing alone dressed in a simple black dress on the stage of the BP Lecture Theatre in the bowels of the British Museum surrounded by a few simple props mainly ancient musical instruments which she picked up and played from time to time Sally spun wonderful tales not only of the great myths of King Solomon being entranced by and attempting to seduce the beautiful Queen of Sheba, but also a range of other ancient myths. I particularly liked the variations on the Adam and Eve story. Showing that alternative facts are not a new creation.

The performance was structured in two halves of about 45 min each , during which time Sally at no time referred to any notes or showed any hesitation in the fluency of her delivery. She engaged the audience particularly with seeking answers to the hard questions with which Sheba tested Soloman's wisdom.

The series of Epic Sundays sessions exploring myths surrounding some of the items in the British Museum's collection continues over the next few months. A wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

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