"Shockingly accurate witty modern play"
by James Price for remotegoat on 10/03/17

In the hubbub of city life we can often forget that everyone is just out to make a life, a living, for themselves. Villain is Rachel’s struggle towards a purpose in life. When this young woman finds herself in the melee of an unexpected Press furore, it is all she can do to keep her head above water.

This one hour monologue, written and directed with witty precision by Martin Murphy and performed with incredible detail and charming nuance by Maddie Rice, really gets to the heart of what it means to try and live a life of endeavour towards a higher goal and what can happen when it comes crashing down around you.

Living in London, the pursuit of love, social media and the impact all of these have on our collective happiness and emotional well-being are persistent themes throughout and covered with unerring wit and unsettlingly accurate reference points. Rachel’s jealousy of a man who has made an entire world in the corner of a train carriage is a clever example of the madness that the morning commute can induce. The energy of the play throughout, shifts and changes astonishingly well until with growing dread it builds towards an ending that is truly shocking. The script drip-feeds information and Rice’s performance brings us close to the edge of understanding before twisting off into another aspect of Rachel’s ever eventful life. Rachel is brought to life so fully that any trouble she may befall is felt fully with the audience who cannot help but be on her side from the off. Indeed, this is one of the most refreshingly energetic and immediate performances I have seen in a long time.

With Rice’s personable and captivating performance and Murphy’s darkly hilarious script this is an incredibly engaging, relevant and well performed piece of theatre.

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