"Review of Luke Wright (in-verse)"
by Debra Hall for remotegoat on 25/02/17

Back in the autumn of last year I reviewed, Luke Wright after he performed his play 'What I learned about Johnny Bevan' at the Lakeside Arts Centre in Nottingham http://www.remotegoat.com/uk/review/13142/poet-makes-party-politics-exciting/

I welcomed another chance to critique Luke performing his poetry, this time in the more intimate setting of The Maypole Tavern (a Café, Bar and Theatre) in Derby city. This venue, being one from Luke’s The Toll UK tour, opted against hosting this event in its usual theatre space. The organiser having decided to rearrange the lounge area so to better accommodate the swell of people that someone of Luke’s professional calibre attracts.

On arrival, I was surprised (not unpleasantly) to be part of an Open Mic event which happened prior to Luke arriving for his gig. Gone 8 o’clock and the room was packed to the rafters and poets young and older were taking turns to perform their poetry. Luke arrived later on, and, after a third interval break and some way into the evening, Luke took to the ‘stage’ to do his turn.

It was a special kinda night at The Maypole.

I am of the thinking and of the hope that my editor, my readers, the event organiser and Luke himself will appreciate my review being presented in a short poem format (see below) slightly unorthodox of me, but as a poetry writer myself I could not resist the urge to do it.

Out on assignment on a Friday Night
With my men in tow to see Mr Wright.
Poetical tongues thrash at the Maypole
a Derby tavern with a standing that’s staple.
A cave of curiosity presented to me,
many poets I saw, about ten times three!
Like us, Andrew saw that Mike was Open
yet Luke takes the Toll and there’s no mention of Bevan.

The verse of others: all speak, all say
Mostly well intention-ed so we’re happy to stay.
We allowed the hot evening to ebb away,
in anticipation for the main guy. The deal the day!
And disappoint the performer did not
in East Midlands, again, as before in Notts.
Critiquing the work from the Essex boy lots
It’s 'The Big Gay Face' again connecting-the-dots!

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