"The Housing Crisis Hilariously Explored"
by Paul Ackroyd for remotegoat on 05/02/17

The housing crisis in this country, and particularly in London, is a subject which needs to be addressed in the theatre. So hats off to Sh!t Theatre for their current production playing at the Soho Theatre. The style is that of cabaret with the two members of Sh!t theatre the addressing the audience standing at microphones dancing and singing occasionally dressed as postboxes.

The play is autobiographical, the two performers, Louise Motherlsole and Rebecca Biscuit rented a dilapidated flat together in Windsor House a former council block in North London . They were besieged by large volumes of post for the previous tenants. Perplexed as to what to do with this material they discovered that it is perhaps not always illegal to open somebody else's post which they proceeded to do and in the process uncovered intriguing and often moving stories told in an engaging and and humorous manner.

The set is a simple settee and plenty of cardboard boxes emblematic of the insecure and peripatetic nature of generation rent's housing. There is plenty of use of video projection of photographs and videos of the area well chosen to depict the contradictions and state of the nation's housing in that area of London . The most hilarious clip was of the promotional video for a major housing developer for a new prestige development of flats interspersed with a reality check of photographs of the actual area.

Whilst the concept was innovative and well delivered by the young performers the piece could have done with more substance in the narrative and even though only an hour-long it became rather repetitive and in the end I felt rather slight. The failure to provide enough reasonably priced housing for our expanding population is one of the major failures of recent public policy and hopefully playwrights and theatre companies will be encouraged by Sh!t Theatre' s production to develop more substantive explorations of the issue .

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