"Interactive Theatre at it's scariest"
by David Rumelle for remotegoat on 23/05/16

Nigel Fairs has hit on a winning formula here and his talented company have succeeded in producing one of the most haunting and atmospheric productions in this year's Brighton Fringe . It is also an amazing interactive experience that leaves it's audience visibly affected by the end of the evening.

By the very nature of setting both pieces in the atmospheric claustrophobia of Brighton's old police cells beneath the Town Hall- we are taken away from the comfort of a proscenium arch theatre-and into literally " brief encounters" with real characters, real passions and each with a grisly cold blooded tale to tell. But-what makes this presentation succeed on all levels is the in-depth character studies that bring the Brighton Killers to life- barely a few feet away from it's audience.

As John Haigh -the Acid bath murderer- Nigel Fairs is quite simply superb- expertly combining historical fact with a chillingly real and naturalistic performance that leaves us hanging on every word. He brings a fully rounded and complex characterisation to the fore and even succeeds in making us understand the motives and thinking behind a hitherto miss-interpreted killer. One feels as if one has literally spent an hour in his presence.

Likewise the rest of the company succeed in taking us into a dark and interactive world-and enable us to view Brighton's killers as something more than criminals. Edwin Flay as trunk murderer Percy Lefroy is mesmerising in his portrayal and Suzanne Procter as Louisa Massett is chillingly perfect. Michelle McKay(Ann) and Kat-Anne Rogers(Christiana Edmunds ) each have their moment to shine.

In would be insidious to single out individual performances -as this is a brilliant ensemble piece - written, honed directed and performed to perfection -with wonderfully macabre lighting and sound.

I have no doubt-these two presentations will be in much demand for a long time to come. Catch them whenever you can-although they are definitely not for the faint hearted.

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