"Entertaining series of musical vignettes"
by Matthew Partridge for remotegoat on 19/05/16

“A Working Title” by Original Impact Theatre Company, directed by Alexandria Anfield and written by Megan Jenkins, running at the Union Theatre, is hard to categorise. It’s not really a conventional play, since there isn’t really an overarching plot. It’s not really a musical either. Indeed, the best way to describe it would be as a series of interrelated vignettes about contemporary London life, set to a cappella versions of everything from Paul Simon to Oasis, via Gazza. The main characters are au pair Emelie (Christina Henne Holmbek), aspiring writer Kate (Holly Ashman), waitress Chrissy (Elicia Moon Murphy), City worker Luke (Vinnie Monachello), personal assistant Bryony (Jessica Kearney) and a busker (Oliver Healy).

The subject matter is hardly unique and the production seems rather short for a full length work, running at only seventy minutes. However, in the end this doesn’t really matter as the ensemble work really well together, everyone playing multiple roles. The combination of choreography, singing and excellent acting manages to make the tales of bad online dates, career troubles and thwarted dreams seem almost magical. Probably the most moving part was the romance between Monachello’s math whiz and Murphy’s shy American receptionist. Holly Ashman was also very good as both an aspiring writer and a five year old.

With a little more structure and material this could be an exceptional work. As it is, it is an entertaining evening that will leave you with a spring in your step.

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