"This is something tobe seen"
by Aline Waites for remotegoat on 17/05/16

If you are a fan of Richard 3rd or even if you are not a fan of Richard 3, you should go and see this production at he Lion and Unicorn. And when I say see, that is not all. This is an interactive performance held together by one female actor who plays the title role, the rest of the company is played by you the audience.

At the entrance, you are given a warm handshake greeted by this blonde disfigured person in a black suit and given a name badge.

As she said to your reviewer. 'Hello, my dearest brother George and welcome' and she put round my neck a label saying Duke of Clarence.

We sit in a ring around her chair which is on rollers so that she can move around the circle easily. She has a desk containing a bottle of red wine and a full glass. Plus several stickers marked DEAD which she uses to plonk on the chests of her victims as she gradually kills off all the characters in the audience.

Despite her disabilities, the missing hand, the limp and the crooked shoulder, she is remarkably agile – Richard was a great swordsman (Of course the disabilities were from Shakespeare's imagination, so it may not be as strange as it seems)

This show is the brai child of Emily Carding who plays Richard and the director Kolbrun Sigfusdottir who both live in Reykjavik and work at the Tjamarbio Theatre. It has been seen in :Prague, Edinburgh and venues around England and in the summer will go to Brighton, Italy and New York..

I have seen this wonderful comic melodrama in all manner of guises and you have to fall in love with this charming villain and laugh at his vile ambitions as he works his way through all the heirs to the throne, killing them off one by one.

Carding gives a comic but highly creepy performance, she is an extremely gifted actor who knows how to stir up emotions in the audience gently persuading and encouraging them to take part in the story without bullying or badgering them.

As Clarence, I was the first to have the word DEAD stuck on my chest. But quickly followed by the King and everybody else – apart from the dowager Queen whose daughter her fancies. Our Buckingham was delightful in her enthusiasm joining in Richard's wicked schemes a love that turns to anger when he is let down by him.

This is something to be seen – her interpretation of the role – in addition to the quirkiness of the production make it something really special.

This show is only and hour long but well worth the trip – enjoy the excellent facilities of the pub downstairs

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