"Docu-comedic-auto-bio-graphic-drama, truly brave, flies high."
by Arthur Duncan for remotegoat on 05/05/16

Ten years in gestation, this play, 'Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot,' (or briefly, WTF) is a celebration of Rebecca Crookshank's highly formative experiences during four hectic years of self-sacrifice to Queen and Country, serving in the Royal Air Force.

In 'WTF,' the lone actor re-creates a bunch of characterful comrades, re-enacting many of the frolics they enjoyed together. On stage, a large backdrop of camouflage netting sets the military scene but Rebecca performs every part in front of it, scorning to camouflage the grimey-est aspect of her time in the RAF. A large round radar screen adorns a corner of the netting, suggesting Crookshank's job in Aerospace Control for military operations but on this screen is shown a remarkable array of images that add illustration to the narrative and lively action.

Crookshank's comrades feature as essentially supportive pillars of the Air-Force community but stern NCOs and terrifying officers are also strong influences for good, in shaping-up eager teenage girls into lean and experienced 'fighting' women. Our hero strives to emulate her own heroes, while keeping in touch with her brother and her “bestest friend,”- nick-named 'Wingwoman' who is sent off on detachment to an aircraft-carrier deployed in the Persian Gulf. Leading Airwoman Crookshank is posted to the South Atlantic and further stressed by her distant parents' estrangement, so is tossed on a roller-coaster of emotions.

The show re-lives shocking events in that far-flung corner of the United Kingdom. But this courageous daughter and grand-daughter of military forefathers has bounced back through her cheery resilience that now evidently, still sustains her delightfully quirky performance.

From Scotland to the Falklands via training camp and air-bases, Rebecca's story inspires some apprehension but also fires-up intrepid thirst for adventure. Parents, be warned, if your daughters see this show, they may want to fly the homely nest - Really. But even this experience by proxy, may prepare them better to combat the risks.

After resigning from the RAF, Crookshank altered course to train her creative talents at a top-flight drama school by which her audiences now benefit greatly. Pity it is we don't have cockpit-shot video clips of Rebecca's unforgettable flight in a Tornado but she shares the thrill with enthusiasm.

Some of that excitement is shown on the website for wtf, along with loads of interviews and stuff, both on screen and in sound only. Volunteers! Report for briefing and take-off, at a venue listed, near “where you are.”

(NB: This real-life, live performance must not be confused with a concurrently-produced low-budget American film of the same name: such unfortunate coincidences do occur – but WTF)

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