"Joyous experience and highly recommended"
by Aline Waites for remotegoat on 19/04/16

This is a rarely performed musical and this is hardly surprising. Although the wonderful words and music are by The Great Cole Porter, there is not a great plot – adapted from an old Grecian legend explored in Amphytrion' by Plautus. It is about the Gods on Olympus and their longing to make love with humans.

On Andrew Yon's enchanting silver set Mercury appears to act as narrator. He tells us that his Dad Jupiter, who is always keen on having sex with human girls is feeling the urge for another adventure. Mercury has found one, Helen, (Ruth Betteridge) but unfortunately she has just got married, but not yet bedded so her husband Art has to be got out of he way to leave a clear room for the Father of the Gods to have his way with her. Jupiter has engaged a handy ballerina called 'Night' (Katie Deacon)to extend the hours of darkness so that he has time woo and win Helen. As a God, he is able to change his form to that of the husband. Mercury also changes his form to an American millionaire in order to have fun with one of the village girls the very pretty Chloe(Megan Gilmartin) who is longing to meet a rich man.

There is a great deal of lively singing of the Cole Porter tunes and witty lyrics – 'From this moment on' is ;probably the most well known to all and Cherry Pies is one of my favourites sung by Chloe and Mercury . I felt there is perhaps a little too much dancing, although I'm told the original had even more and some of the music had to be cut.

Outstanding performances from Hugo Joss Catton as Mercury who has to hold the whole thing together and the wonderful rich operatic voice of Cameron Bernard Jones as Jupiter is a real treat. Director Randy Smartnick has brought out all the comedy in the piece and there are star turns from Rhiannon Moushall as Juno the pursuing wife of Jupiter who also comes down to earth to amuse herself with a confused Chicago gangster who is hiding out in Greece. Loved the three girls telling us 'what they think about men'

Music wonderfully arranged by resident MD Aaron Clingham and choreography is by Kate McPhee

It is a joyous experience and highly recommended to all Cole Porter fans and those who are interested in the history of musical theatre. This is an opportunity that will probably not ever come your way again.

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