"A young woman's empowering journey"
by remotegoat reviewer for remotegoat on 06/01/16

Reading a summary of the plot before watching the film, I was sceptical whether I would enjoy it however, I was pleasantly surprised.

This story takes us through the life of Joy Mangano, a financially unstable single mother, whose invention of the Miracle Mop changes her life. We begin by watching Joy (Jennifer Lawrence) dealing with the consequences of her dysfunctional household consisting of her children, her divorced parents (Virginia Madsen & Robert De Niro), her grandmother (Diane Ladd) and her ex-husband (Edgar Ramirez).

After a rare opportunity from QVC shopping channel, Joy is given the opportunity to broadcast her creation to the masses by Neil Walker (Bradley Cooper). A first disastrous attempt at selling does not prove to be the last attempt for Joy, as her determination means she does not let her second chance go to waste, leading her to become the success that she was.

Lawrence’s performance is compelling, it is obvious why David Russell has chosen to work with her for the third time. I found myself rooting for Joy’s success from the start of the film to the end, this performance will surely gain an Academy Award nomination.

Another notable performance comes from Diane Ladd, our narrator. Her character possess great charm and was truly moving.

It is clear this will not be the last time Russell and Lawrence work together and I look forward to their next creation.

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