"Men having sex with men"
by Philip Herbert for remotegoat on 08/12/15

Not all men who have sex with other men call themselves Gay . Some are Bi , some consider themselves straight - especially if you are a soldier and you ' just want your dick sucked ' . There is also the in-the-closet film star , the tv presenter who has a secret lover and the Uni student who just wants to ' get laid ' . Add to the mix a rent boy and a porn star and we have just about covered every ' gay ' angle - as it were .

Three actors Richard De Lisle , Harper James and Haydn Whiteside all get dressed and undressed a lot as they portray this cavalcade of characters - there is nudity but nothing too bold - often covered with a towel or under the bedsheets - and the sexual acts themselves are delivered with taste and confidence - so there was no squirming from the audience - although a couple of people DID leave before the end . It makes one wonder what they thought they were going to see - or not see - with a play entitled F*cking Men !

The performances are solid and well thought out throughout and the clever use of boxes change the set from a back alley to a luxury hotel room , from an office to a sauna - every possible place for sex is covered . So we've got the characters and the locations and the dialogue went down well too - with some hearty laughs and some thought provoking asides .

HIV is covered , the ' R U Positive ? ' question and the compulsory use of condoms - we as audience members were even given a box of condoms on entry instead of a ticket - and this certainly rammed the point home . Yes have gay , annonymous ' fan - fucking - fantastic ' sex - but do it safely - and watch out who you hurt along the way . Some are looking for love , something more , something deeper , some just want a moment of passion before they rush home to the life long partner .

Swiftly directed by Mark Barford, written by Joe DiPietro this is the third airing at this venue and having received five star reviews elsewhere I can wholeheartedly agree - a play well worth seeing . Thought provoking , touching and it asks questions every gay ( or non-gay ) man has often asked himself . The audience responded with warm and generous applause and shuffled out pleased that they made the effort to see this play .

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