"Great Andrea Pozza Trio concert"
by David Franchi for remotegoat on 22/11/15

Impressive Andrea Pozza Trio concert at the EFG London Jazz Festival 2015.

It was a lovely concert Andrea Pozza Trio at the Bull’s Head in Barnes, London. As a part of the EFG London Jazz Festival 2015, Andrea Pozza Trio was a talented group of instrumental music only.

The trio was composed by Andrea Pozza, piano, Andy Cleyndert, bassist, and Spike Wells, who greatly replaced Mark Taylor on drums for this gig.

The performance was sold out, and much applauded. In between the executions Pozza Trio was acclaimed. They played very harmoniously, despite the late substitution and a very minimal rehearsal.

The first set opened with Love Walked In (Gershwin), Bolivia (Moroder). The third tune was Siciliana –Sonata for Flute and Harpsichord by J. S. Bach, which reminded the several connections between jazz and classical music, as many jazz masters always confirm. Siciliana will also be the title of the trio next album coming next year. The first set closed with Gershwin’s classic Who Cares? which is also the title of one their album produced by Cleyndert.

The second set opened with On Roots by Cedar Walton, and O Grande Amor by Antonio Carlos Jobim. To follow the standard Sweet and Lovely by Gus Arnheim, Charles Daniels and Harry Tobias, Misterioso by Theolonious Monk, and an original composition by the trio. The gig went on with Bobby Timmons tunes, the song My One and Only Love, to end with Ornette Coleman’s Blues Connotation.

The Andrea Pozza Trio components are high skilled musicians, virtuosos that better express themselves doing long solos.

The structure for the concert for the two sets was the same. The songs had similar arrangement, with a piano opening with a good phrasing of the melody followed by great bass or drums, or both, solos.

On tour in the UK for a couple of weeks, Andrea Pozza will perform with various groups and in different venues.

Andrea Pozza said: “Since few years, I am working on personal projects, such as the trio we have seen tonight. Also it is the first time I do a tour in England under my name: I mean with my name on programme. Usually, before I have always been a part of various musical groups. At the moment, I am trying to develop my own personal work.”

Andrea Pozza started early to study the piano and debuted at the young age of 13 years old. In 1987, he graduated at the Conservatory ‘Paganini’ of Genoa. He has taught at the Conservatory of Milan and he is currently teaching Piano Jazz and Jazz Improvisation Techniques at the Conservatory Paganini.

A great performance, Andrea Pozza Trio was definitely worth to see.

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