"Incredibly strong, funny and moving"
by Annie Draper for remotegoat on 20/11/15

The concept of The Princess Monologues is pretty much what the title and subtitle promise: Seven so called ‘Princess’ tell us, what it is like to be a ‘Princess’ in the 21st century and question why we are so obsessed with the idea that girls should dream of becoming one. The writers are Claire Booker, Amy Bethan Evans, Tessa Hart, Simon Jay, Tina Jay, Tilly Lunken and Eliza Power; director is also Hart; and believe it or not, but all seven monologues are performed by the same actress, the fabulous Eleanor Dillon-Reams.

Already when entering the venue we are greeted with an essence of what this show is about, as costume and set pieces, which are about to be turned into a story each, are cleverly laid out along the edge of the stage. Hart has put together an amazing show and the clarity of each individual story, as well as the transitions between pieces, are remarkable and the line-up is brilliantly diverse.

Everyone who sees this show will likely walk away with a different favourite piece but my choices would be ‘Princess Frankenstein’ by Claire Booker, ‘Mr Andersen's Princess’ by Amy Bethan Evans and ‘Hail Your Majesty’ by Tessa Hart. Princess Frankenstein has an incredibly dark humour, which had the audiences in stitches. Mr Andersen’s Princess was based on the historic Princess Alexandra of Denmark and was a very different and refreshing piece in the line-up. Hail Your Majesty was yet again inspired by a real-life Princess and was a scary reminder of what sort of deranged customs and traditions are still going on in our world, presented in a fabulously comedic style.

Dillon-Reams is an absolute star in this show. Having seen a lot of one-woman-show on the fringe, there was not another one I have been to with an actress of this calibre. Without lack of energy or focus she entertains us and creates a completely new character for each monologue, with her body and voice and just overall presence. Even the moments of seeing her transition are highly watchable and fascinating and she also masters a large amount of accents throughout the performance.

The Princess Monologues made me laugh and cry and taught me some new things. It was a bit of a shame there were only women in the audience. Guys, don’t be scared off by the title, it will be a very (or even more so) entertaining and enlightening show for you too. A must-see for everyone!

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