"Vibrant enthralling interactive kids show"
by Joe Crystal for remotegoat on 19/10/15

Chickenshed and its inspiring productions never disappoint but this regular feature, Tales From The Shed, which plays twice on Thursday, Friday and Saturday mornings seasonally, is a wonderful introduction for under 6s to activity through performance over a fun-filled fifty minutes.

The first thing that strikes entering the Studio space is the vibrancy of colours and costumes and big smiles of the performers. Children are excited and encouraged to fill the space by mingling on the floor and are free to stand, sit or move around. Beginning with a Good Morning song there is a delightful energy as we stretch and shake along with animal puppets.

Various characters are introduced throughout, all of which are immediately popular with the little ones; a friendly groovy lion, a purring Russian tiger, a cheeky caterpillar, a banana loving funky monkey, a unique unicorn, a percussive elephant and a rainbow parrot, whose clapping song gets the attentive crowd singing, walking, swimming, flying and dancing! The free-flow nature leads to infections laughter from the fully engaged audience.

Pirate Radio's colourful crew include a life-sized fluffy French-Canadian chef called Harvey who introduces us to a new version of Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes using favourite foods; Eggs, Soldiers, Cheese on Toast! There’s a Cockney fruit and veg song and a cuddle song before we all sing our goodbyes.

I took my two sons, aged 3½ and 4½, as it was critical to get their feedback – so the review is essentially from their perspective and they both said it was excellent. They even got to learn a little sign-language. It is a well-rounded all-inclusive show that can be enjoyed by parents too.

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