"Amber Topaz kicks sequined ass"
by Jessica White on 27/09/15

Amber Topaz - a force to be reckoned with

It is a modern fallacy, in my opinion, to believe that just wanting something badly enough guarantees you will get it. For the key to success is a combination of bravado, tenacity and plain hard work – and this was never truer than in the cut-throat world of musical theatre. Acquiring a taste for the limelight at a young age, our artist followed a fairly traditional route from dance lessons and talent contests in Rotherham, to performing arts school in London, before being flung in to the often cruel and always precarious life of a professional auditione. The diminutive starlet recounts with wit, and a good pinch of northern grit, that she never quite cut the mustard; and when she finally did get the big part, she decided she f****** hated it after all. Her take on the underside of Westend life was hilarious, and one I would have liked to hear more of. For Amber Topaz is incredibly funny, wildly charismatic and has a vocal that matches her inner voice - as clear as a bell.

In the second half, Amber Topaz the burlesque star emerges, although we’re not quite sure how. Her gown of many countries recounting early tours is as beautiful as it is amusing, however the second half loses its way a bit and the songs went on a bit too long for me. A somewhat unnecessary list of career highlights followed, and then Amber was in full musical theatre flow, prompting my companion to state ‘it’s a bit self-indulgent’. Well, I’m sure Ms Topaz would be the first to agree. For her finale Amber delivers a faultless burlesque performance, combining sexy and funny with every flutter of her sequined feather. Although the style of burlesque is somewhat traditional, the front row of adoring fans could not have asked for more. This is how to overcome adversity sweeties, with a wink and a perfectly poised kick.

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