"Aural and visual drumming feast"
by Colin Snell for remotegoat on 07/08/15

There is much to admire about Sebastien Rambaud and Yann Coste, who make up Fills Monkey, as musicians and performers in a show that is aurally and visually stunning. And whilst they provide the virtuosity with their drumming skills it has all been packaged neatly by director Gil Galliot into a vibrant and thrilling hour-long show. His background as a theatre director and actor has enabled him to bring out Rambaud and Coste's showmanship so that the audience is entertained from the outset as they are revealed side by side with their drum kits before launching into a series of pieces at breath-taking speed which leaves the audience as exhausted as they must be at the climax of the show. Occasionally it feels a little too drawn-out but there is no doubting the rapport the drummers enjoy not only with each other but with the audience. They are skilled technicians. There is nothing that cannot produce a rhythm or a beat in their hands whether its with their drum sticks, their stools, tubes, tennis racquets, arms, hands, heads, mouths, chests and even each other. In fact, there appears nothing that they touch or use that cannot produce a sound. The show is fast, furious, energetic, delicate and subtle and much, much more. Rambaud ad Coste work in perfect synchronisation, injecting humour and passion into every beat in a spectacular, aural firework display of live drumming, air drumming and drumming to sound tracks. Not a beat is missed. All impressive stuff. The pair exudes supreme confidence as performers and their personalities engage totally with the audience with every look and gesture, nod and wink. Their athleticism adds to the slickness and polish of the show which is constantly changing, inventive and creative. A sublime fusion of men, instruments, sound and light. They produce their own language which speaks to the audience. But, as they acknowledge at the end of the show, the most incredible rhythm of all is that of the heart-beat. Heart-thumpingly good.

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