"A door into the dark"
by Colin Snell for remotegoat on 07/08/15

You sit, alone, isolated from others; you see on a screen a set of instructions; you will be aware of a room, a bed, a table, a lamp, a corridor; you have your own chaperone; you are wearing headphones; you are given the opportunity to leave. For some reason, you choose to stay. Then, you are plunged into darkness, total darkness. There is no difference to what you can see with your eyes open or with them shut. And you will stay in that state for around an hour. The blackness works on the imagination; the blackness amplifies the sounds around you; the whispering in your left ear is unnerving; it's your chaperone; you hear every gulp, swallow, breath, sound. People move around you; something of why you are there emerges, but with some uncertainty. Something to do with making a speech; an ornament breaks; there is a visit to the basement for a replacement. A car journey. You invent your own story; you dress the characters in your own thoughts. You don't have a choice. And so, David Rosenberg and Glen Neath's binaural experience grips uneasily, threateningly, uncompromisingly. Many will come away intrigued, fascinated, fearful, perhaps, of what they have just encountered; others will be confused, irritated, at a loss as to what they have endured or what to think. It is an endurance. What is unquestionable, however, is that you will talk about it long after you have left the darkness behind you, with gratitude......My adivice is to go and experience it for yourself. A unique experience and worthy of what the Fringe is and should be.

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