"Beautifully crafted and impeccably performed"
by David Rumelle for remotegoat on 13/05/15

-This brilliantly written and eloquently performed play is one of the highlights of this year’s Brighton festival-simply because it is a poignant subject-a love story- truthfully portrayed-well constructed and deeply moving, yet never self indulgent.

The subject of immigration presents so many issues and room for more debate than this hour long play can include-but by the end of it- we have seen a well balanced, honest argument- from a most important perspective-certainly giving us the “insight into the essence of home and belonging”.

Teacher-Hannah has moved to the UK-and now works in a pub to merely survive –having to hide her true nationality in order to keep her job. By chance-Jordan, recently orphaned enters Hannah’s bar-and so begins a true and honest friendship-exploring many issues relating to “being” and “belonging”-and most importantly-the question of “home”.

Both Lilac Yosiphon and Thomas Finch have superb projection, an easy going and relaxed acting style-and neither is afraid to break the fourth wall to talk to their audience at certain moments.Both performances are sincere ,honest and truthful.

The dialogue is well crafted-and never slows up the action-and the overall feel to the evening has elements of “Love Story and “Brief Encounter”-complete with some fantastic guitar underscore. (Provided by Sam Elwin)

There is a brilliant chemistry between these two performers and their pace and timing makes this piece a joy to watch. The direction by Marianne Mayer and Mike Cole is smooth and polished and the piece has an excellent momentum.

The haunting “song with no name” that features in this play is beautifully sung by the two protagonists- pushing the emotional level of the piece to another realm.

Sadly –this play is only being performed for two performances –but I have every confidence it will go from strength to strength in other venues and will give as much warmth and life affirming quality wherever it is performed. Although it has already been well directed, well written and superbly performed –I have no doubt-there are layers that will still be developed to make Lilac Yosiphon’s first full length play in English-a timeless classic.

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