"Walk through your online profile."
by Colin Hake for remotegoat on 04/05/15

I exist. At least I think I do, but what of me exists, and how does it exist? Descartes put it more succinctly, but all philosophical chat aside, these are the questions that I suspect OneOhOne Theatre want you to leave their show asking yourself.

Their promenade piece currently running at the Tristan Bates asks a lot of questions that we are, perhaps, a little bit too used to answering online without thinking where the information goes, who will be compiling it and most importantly for what purpose?

It is always difficult to review theatre without giving away too much of the experience, but the show plays on our 'profiles' constantly collecting data about us in a frantic manner. Thinking back, the script is probably just a long list of questions, but it is what is done with that information that is 'the big reveal'.

Like all immersive/interactive theatre you have to open your mind and embrace the direct contact, go with the flow and see where you end up. For me I ended up selling my sister so that I could get rid of my entire online profile....a small price to pay I think!

The structure is fluid and passes from character to character well, each with a story, more information and a way of 'helping' you, but each asking more questions and gaining more information as the piece develops. The characters are well played and hold their roles admirably, and the transition from person to person piecing together the story is well done, if a little frantic, but I feel that was needed to create atmosphere and a little confusion, as well as maintaining the pace.

Overall I enjoyed the experience, but feel it could be improved with the use of a different venue to start, and a cleaner conclusion. The Actors Centre put me in the mindset of watching actors and it took me a while to get out of that, though I eventually did when I left the venue and headed out into the West End to meet the people that would decide my online fate.

So, maybe you are happy to 'accept the cookies', wash them down with some milk and sleep soundly in your bed at night, or maybe you will think twice before you autofill the next pop-up. Either way, OneOhOne Theatre want your vital statistics, so why not pay them a visit!

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