"Delightfully bonkers quality family fun"
by Owen Kingston for remotegoat on 20/04/15

Lucy and the Party is an oddity - a story that works beautifully for both young children and adults with
minimal adaptation, and which says something beautiful about all of us - young and old alike.

Based on made-up stories that the author told her children at bedtime, Lucy and the Party is the first of a planned series of adventures set in Noggle Noggle land - a Seuss-like fantasy world with its own bizarre rules and practices.

Lucy is about to go to big school, and in Noggle land the entrance exam is simple: one must find a unique outfit and wear it to a party. The two performers proceed to entertain us with a delightful array of striking characters who help (and in some cases hinder) Lucy on her quest for a new outfit.

Young children (pre-school age) watching this show were spellbound - their collective attention held by the fast moving story told entirely in Seuss-like rhyme, the colourful characters, and the frequent interaction as different audience members were called on to play instruments, become characters themselves, and in one delightful moment blow sparkling confetti all over the room. Parents were also tickled by frequent asides for their benefit - a nod to the adult version of this same story.

The design work and use of space is rich and inventive, and the audience are allowed to linger afterwards to explore the space where great attention to detail has been given, helping to flesh out the Noggle-world even
more. Whilst sitting on the floor will not suit all parents, it does help to evoke a story-time feel and makes it much easier to keep potentially wayward children from wandering off.

At roughly 30 minutes, Lucy and the Party holds it's target audience's attention perfectly and leaves you wanting more - Noggle Noggle land is a delightful place to visit and these performers are worth keeping an eye on for more promised material.

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