"Contemporary, Dramatic, Wordy, Political Narrative"
by Christine Stanton for remotegoat on 02/04/15

Moriarty is a refugee camp owner, providing shelter and supplies to 125,000 people. Definitely not an easy task, with the strain proving to be intense for Moriarty, as well as all of the refugees that are seeking asylum within his self-proclaimed warehouse of dreams.

Initially what was supposed to be a small area of asylum for a select few refugees, quickly cascaded into one of the biggest refugee camps in their area. Bigger than Exeter, the task of providing safety to so many people was always going to be difficult. Caravans are being stolen, electricity is being sold onto the wealthier members of the makeshift town and the people are angry. Riots are imminent and Moriarty is under the strain of trying to do good things for the people, but not having the capacity to do so. One of his main concerns is his problem with one of the township’s district Colonel's, who demands lots for his people, yet keeps most of it for himself. With numerous issues at hand, local girl Sabeen attempts to be a go-between for the two clashing personalities – which proves to be more of an issue than anything else! The town is in uproar and something needs to be done asap.

This play had the potential to be really intriguing. Based on true events, the narrative alone had the capacity to be shocking and heart-wrenchingly dramatic. Unfortunately, there just wasn’t enough plot for this to actually succeed. Although there was a lot of dialogue, none of it was really gripping enough for the audience to develop a connection to neither the story nor the characters themselves. I kept thinking that there was going to be a dramatic turn of events, but it never came. Although still a watchable performance, I was disappointed that more wasn’t done to truly capture the audience’s attention and hit home what is effectively a really important contemporary issue.

Not one I’d necessarily urge people to go and see, but considering £2 of each ticket price goes towards the charity War Child, there’s a nice sentiment in giving back while attending a theatre production. The Lion and Unicorn pub that is hosting this production is a lovely venue and definitely one I will be visiting again in the future.

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