"A Young Girl With Surprises"
by Gary Dugdale for remotegoat on 17/10/14

There’s something about the way a teenager thinks that’s unique. The crew behind The Soaking of Vera Shrimp seem to have worked magic to tap into this and present it in an intriguing way.

Essentially this is a monologue. We’re introduced to Vera, a young lady who is seemingly carrying out a presentation for us to give her understanding of a scientific sequence along with her theory of a personal ability she has. Throughout this presentation we’re given a glimpse into the thoughts, opinions and some brief occasions that happen during a difficult time in a teenager’s life.

I found the portrayal of Vera to be quite accurate for a teenage schoolgirl and could easily picture the scenes described as she reads through her scrapbook and tells us of her thoughts of school incidents, her home life with her father and the details of events leading to her presentation. Throughout, she tails off temporarily to explain unrelated things, as a young mind does.

Having teenagers around the age of Vera (excellently played by Tessa Parr) in my family, she succinctly captivates the thought processes I could identify with easily with my family. The presentation and use of background sounds adds an extra dimension to story and at times this felt like a girl reading from a diary as she wrote down each word and thought progressing through a small time period.

I liked this a lot and would highly recommend watching if you can. I look forward to seeing more work from the crew involved with this production.

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