"Honest, raw and completely real"
by Eleni Young for remotegoat on 12/08/14

A short thirty minute show, “A State of Mind,” is a glimpse into the lives of drug users. A complete journey, the audience hear of the character first time using, the escalation of experimenting and trying new drugs out, through to the end result, not one a particularly happy ending.

Rather than being a typical stage production re-enacting the experiences, ‘A State of Mind,’ is a series of monologues that engage the audience and speak honestly, no holds barred. Taken from a series of real interviews, the cast perform well getting into the mind of these people and creating their own mannerisms and style, making the characters no longer ambiguous characters on a stage, but living, breathing people.

Completely relaxed and natural, the multitude of characters played on stage are numerous, however, at times, it was difficult to distinguish whether one person’s monologue was the same character from their previous monologue or not. Some definitely were, having one continuous plot line for that character, but I couldn’t help but feel that some of the separate monologues were lost amongst the others. One prop that they all had at the beginning but only three had by the end of the performance were the use of ipods. Was there a link between music and drugs? Perhaps the solitude you can feel by listening to your own music, isolating yourself from others would be made apparent? Unfortunately, there didn’t seem to be any reason for this and as only three were left wearing them, it only caused distraction to what was a thought provoking and raw piece of theatre.

If there is anything else to say for this, it’s that this cast work incredibly well together. There’s a certain level of chemistry and cohesion between them all which makes the writing and acting really spark. If you want something that's honest, raw to the bone and original, this is the show for you at this years Camden Fringe.

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